The Unappreciated Days Appreciation Society

It’s horrible not being appreciated, and nobody feels this more than Days do. We say we don’t like Mondays (poor Monday, he’s got quite a complex about it) and we can’t wait for our holidays, or Saturday, or Christmas day, and along the way we completely ignore the day we’re having, which can be just as special if we give it the attention it deserves. The truth of the matter is that Days suffer from massive expectations, and overload is common in their workplace. They need space to offload the stress of having to be Special and feel the joy of being Just Another Day. A weekday, a normal day, but a glorious day nonetheless.

Producing a stunning sunrise is a huge drain on Daily reserves. It has to be stunning and precisely choreographed, and unexpected OCD (Overcast Cloudy Day) can ruin everything. The sun must rise, breaking through optimum amount of cloud to give a rosy glow at the exact moment a flock of geese fly past, honking for home. As the sky turns from drenched dawn to azure blue, clouds are puffed into unicorn heads and poodle tails, and the air adjusted to reach ambient breakfast temperature. The morning chorus of birds begins, and then, at a single tap of the conductor’s baton, it falls silent.

Everyone scurries out of bed, into the shower, checks the weather on their phones and drives to work. The worldwide office switch-on reveals numerous screensaver pictures of sunrises and honking geese, while outside, Day taps vainly on shaded windows whispering “look outsiiiide . . .”

Lunchtime is not happy hour for Days. Two diva stars have demanded 24/7 shining, and Day has spent hours patiently explaining why this cannot happen. (Night really should exert more discipline). All this troubleshooting has made Day late getting everything ready for the crescendo of midday’s half-time score.

The best weather must be arranged because people don’t want to walk in the park in the rain or the blazing heat. Days and Weather politely exchange a Secret Santa at the Christmas party but inter-departmental collaboration was only ever viewed as cost-cutting, not a universal panacea, and in order to get a decent lunchtime forecast, Day has had to call in a few favours which will need repaying in kind.

Mid-afternoon is spent arranging the sunset. Planning starts early because there’s no overtime in a Day’s day, and sunset has to be spectacular. In between juggling shades of red-and-pink, paperwork has to be filed, a conference call fielded and ozone repairs overseen. The holes in the ozone layer might actually last if they were still allowed to use cotton-wool infill instead of organic thread, but Upstairs says no, and at least the endless cloud mending keeps the elves employed. A strict early evening deadline leaves Dusk and Evening holding the fort until Night arrives in all its starry glory, and Day makes a few last minute tweaks to the sunset before sinking into a comfy chair and having a well earned cup of tea.

Weekends are just as arduous. Perfect Days are expected for brides, Sunday walks, BBQs in the garden and outdoor activities. If things don’t live up to expectations the blame is laid firmly at Day’s door.

“Oh it was a terrible day.”

“Rotten day, nothing went right.”

“Thank goodness today is over.”

These comments resound through the ether making our Day want to sit and weep at the ingratitude, if only it had the time to spare. Days work a seasonal rota, one season on, one season off. No sick-leave or free weekends and burn-out is rife. Working practices are archaic, but training to be a Day is a vocation not just a job, and I haven’t dared mention the Holidays; Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthdays. Pandemics are not Day’s fault either, they’re a whole different department, but of course Day gets the blame for long lockdown days.

We on the ground must stop taking Days for granted. We could volunteer for Day Care; its easy work. Just send kindly thoughts for the Day itself, respect the work that’s gone into making each Day special and give thanks for those elven clouds and sunrises even if you don’t see them. Store precious memories from the red-letter Days, try to have a nice Day and carpe diem the rest. Lets appreciate all our Days and live them with open hearts! Days, we love you and we appreciate ALL of you!

10 thoughts on “The Unappreciated Days Appreciation Society

  1. Would highly recommend The Cloud Appreciation Society! A Cloud a Day from all over the world. Both cheering and inspiring!


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