Do you have any rituals in your life that you feel compelled to carry out?  I don’t mean routines, they’re more in the nature of necessity and I’m not meaning habit here either. What I mean by rituals is the doing of something that is completely unnecessary to living but you carry out anyway, eitherContinue reading “RITUALS and the LAST TWO ROCKETS.”


                             For Elaine my darling wife- 7.1 1955/5.1.2021.  In memory of just one of so many wonderful adventures together- Appledore, N.Devon England. We walked along the shore together Do you remember? The Burrows, We had it all almost to ourselves. The wide damp sand, the sea That house right on the cliffs edge, All oursContinue reading ”  ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD.”


                                                   A funny thing happened to me recently on my way into the kitchen. When I say funny I mean that in the sense of its strangeness, not its humour. It was early one evening, I’d had a shower popped on a t-shirt and some sweat pants and came downstairs. Sometime previously I had leftContinue reading ”              FRIENDS.”

A Horse A Husband and Cancer: the book.

Our cover reveal! The memoir will be available very soon! This is not a book about horses; nor is it a book about husbands and it is certainly not a book solely about cancer. Though that condition is the core reason for this work it does not make this some sort of self-help book forContinue reading “A Horse A Husband and Cancer: the book.”