A Horse A Husband and Cancer: the book.

Our cover reveal! The memoir will be available very soon! This is not a book about horses; nor is it a book about husbands and it is certainly not a book solely about cancer. Though that condition is the core reason for this work it does not make this some sort of self-help book forContinue reading “A Horse A Husband and Cancer: the book.”


                                      Christmas 2016. As I’ve mentioned before Elaine loved Christmas and the presents as much as anyone else. This Christmas however things were a little subdued as we were informed earlier in the year that the cancer was ‘out’ in her system and was now officially viewed as a terminal illness. There was no timescaleContinue reading “FIRSTS and LASTS.”


                                                        Can the memory of one good day keep you going, or maybe the thought of one more yet to come keep you alive? Elaine and I were together for thirty years, that’s approximately 10,957 individual days; most of which will remain unremembered. Though each day is different those that we regard as unremarkable tendContinue reading “ONE GOOD DAY.”


                                             Her scream wakes me up. It is the loudest most piercing scream I have ever heard, or ever want to.  It is alive with fear, and it comes from Elaine who is in the bed beside me. I cannot remember the date but it was early summertime last year. I’m wide awake in aContinue reading “A BAGEL FOR THE JOURNEY.”