ECHOES- part one.

42 West Street, (Re-visited). Again not the intended post but, as this all occurred very recently, true to the moment; and I’m trying to follow my instincts here. In 2020 Elaine posted a blog entitled 42 West Street in which she gave a well-observed if somewhat condensed version of an overnight stay we had inContinue reading ”                                                             ECHOES- part one.”

A Horse A Husband and Cancer: the book.

Our cover reveal! The memoir will be available very soon! This is not a book about horses; nor is it a book about husbands and it is certainly not a book solely about cancer. Though that condition is the core reason for this work it does not make this some sort of self-help book forContinue reading “A Horse A Husband and Cancer: the book.”


                                                        Can the memory of one good day keep you going, or maybe the thought of one more yet to come keep you alive? Elaine and I were together for thirty years, that’s approximately 10,957 individual days; most of which will remain unremembered. Though each day is different those that we regard as unremarkable tendContinue reading “ONE GOOD DAY.”

The Secret in My Freezer

Is your deepfreeze a depository for experimental batch-bakes that taste awful but you can’t justify wasting? Do you have packs of Supermarket Ready Meals reduced in price, but so reduced in size they barely constitute a snack? While the tasteless foods stay on the top shelf pleading for a purpose, the homemade pizzas hide outContinue reading “The Secret in My Freezer”