A Horse A Husband and Cancer: the book.

Our cover reveal! The memoir will be available very soon!

This is not a book about horses; nor is it a book about husbands and it is certainly not a book solely about cancer.

Though that condition is the core reason for this work it does not make this some sort of self-help book for those suffering from this illness or yet another set of pages condoning positive thinking and attitudes to try to overcome despair and fear.

This book leads you through one woman’s fight to stay a step ahead of the silent assassin within. Elaine dug deep within to find her allies and always refused any hint of sympathy from others.

Her deep-seated and dark sense of humour, her even deeper love for me and for her friends and horses helped her to prevail, against the odds, for so long. She was bruised and battered in mind, spirit and body so many times, yet a two fingered salute was all the ground she would give to the cancer.

If you have an interest in horses, husbands or cancer there is something here for you to chew over; but if you want to hear of the unrelenting human spirit even knowing the fight is unwinnable, then read on, there is a feast before you.

-Mark Edsall

4 thoughts on “A Horse A Husband and Cancer: the book.

  1. Hi Mark, so good to see the cover and know the work of putting this together has been accomplished. You and Anna and all who have made this possible are so greatly appreciated by me and likely countless others. Look forward to holding this book in my hands. Be well dear man.


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