For Elaine my darling wife- 7.1 1955/5.1.2021.

 In memory of just one of so many wonderful adventures together- Appledore, N.Devon England.

We walked along the shore together

Do you remember? The Burrows,

We had it all almost to ourselves.

The wide damp sand, the sea

That house right on the cliffs edge,

All ours for the day.

Everyone else working, but not us

We’re on our hol’s.

Doesn’t take much to make us happy

Just each other really.

You looked so carefree so casual and so in love,

With life, with me.

All I ever wanted was more time

With you

For us.

To live, to breathe, to hope, to walk and keep on walking

Hand in hand never once looking back, with

All the time in the world.

8 thoughts on “  ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD.

  1. Mark, thank you for this gift. I hope that you’ve gotten through the holidays with your heart full of more love than pain. It will get better. 💜🐴😎


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